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Help Center

Below are answers to common questions and issues. Click on the title to see the answer.

  • What size totes do you offer?
    35 gallon, 68 gallon, and 95 gallon.
  • What materials are allowed in totes?
    See our list of Allowed and Prohibited materials.
  • When are totes collected?
    Totes are collected once per week.
  • What if I move?
    Changing your service address is easy. Simply use THIS FORM to start the process.
  • What if my tote is damaged or stolen?
    Tote replacement is fast and easy. Simply use THIS FORM to start the process.
  • What if I need a larger tote?
    Changing tote sizes is easy. Simply use THIS FORM to start the process.
  • What is your service area?
    We provide services in the following counties: Henry, Rush, Fayette, Hancock, Delaware, Madison & Hamilton. See our service map HERE.
  • Do you pickup on holidays?
    We pickup residential waste on ALL holidays. However, if severe weather threatens the safety of our drivers, we will delay service.
  • Can I have more than one tote?
    Yes. Simply use THIS FORM to start the process.
  • Do you pickup bulk items?
    Yes. We allow 2 free bulk items per year. One item per pickup. Bulk/large items consist of furniture, mattress/box springs and small appliances that do not require freon. All upholstered furniture, mattress/box springs must be wrapped in plastic and sealed prior to pickup.


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